The Hot Dirt Show is a sporadic radio program that airs right here every single week. Hosted by Zach Pape, and broadcasted on 93.3FM The Egg, in North Bank, NY. Check here to see when we will broadcast each week. 

12/22/17  Grab some hot cocoa and listen in as we look to crown the team who has the most Christmas joy. From the gift relay, to re-enacting the birth of Jesus Christ, no piece of coal is left unturned. In studio appearances by many of your favorites, including Clay from South Bank, Pastor Carpit, and the Hurricane Tayne.


10/30/17 A call from Sol about his distaste of Halloween. Zach tells a story about digging through a bucket of intestines. Plus, Tayne checks in and details us on a few pilot scripts he's been working on.

9/11/17 Benefit show for those effected by Hurricane Harvey. Callers chimed in with their worst/best jokes, each of which earned money.

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9/4/17 Dave and Joe Green of the 'Extreme Dream' book, join us again to talk about their new business venture. Tayne has news about his 15th son. 

8/28/17  Everett Lonesome kicks off (and ends the show) as our first ever musical guest! North Tonawanda super-fan, Ed Nickle, stops by to talk about his favorite city. Gorn calls in to see if we can change our phone number..which somebody put on the side of Sportsplex. Calls from Nash, Hurricane Tayne, and MORE!

8/21/17  Clay from South Bank checks in to talk about the eclipse. Barry calls to tell us about his life motto. Plus we learn about Whale Farming (yes, whale farming) from Hurricane Tayne, and MORE!

8/14/17 Zach, Isaiah, and some familiar faces get together to talk about the moments in which they could've vanished into dust. Kevin, former intern, calls in with his own story, as well as Isaiah's real life brother Randy. This is a super fun episode that you'll definitely enjoy. If not, you'll get your money back!

8/7/17 Isaiah, Keith, and Zach get together to talk about the past 7 months of the show. Favorite calls are played, and new calls are taken. Fun show 10/10

7/24/17 Intern Isaiah and friend of the show, Gritz, are in town and talking about their recent travels across the US. Movie director, Scott Murrow, calls in to pitch an idea to the two. Plus, a call from the IRS, Zach talks about the new show coming soon, and MORE.

7/17/17 Zach does the show solo this past week and talks about his personal bad year, and the soon-to-be relaunch of the show. A call from Jim in East North Bank, who has a werid fetish. Taxi Driver Ronnie enters the Crystal Caller Club.

7/10/17 Extra-Terrestrial expert, Romeo Trudy was in studio to discuss his findings on all things alien. A call from Todd, Zach's cousin who claims to have been abducted. Plus, we get communication from inside an actual flying saucer.

6/26/17 Final show at the HDHQ! Zach reflects on the past 4 years. Chuck Brick calls and talks about the Teenage bar he runs. Intern Isaiah checks in. Plus 8th grader Stevey Peters, and more!

6/19/17 Zach's in the studio by himself this week with a jam packed episode. Fun show with an exclusive interview from North Bank hero, Rattman. In addition, a phone call from Buck and Clay, South Bank cousins, an update from the road with intern Isaiah and Gritz, and an unexpected fan shows up to submit his resume ... not that we asked for that.

6/12/17 Tales from the amusement park! Zach has a gripe with water slides. A call for the ages by Clay from South Bank, talking about a date he had at Fantasy Lake. Plus an interview with "The Reason", former nudie mag salesman turned theme park mogul..and MORE!

6/5/17 Isaiah the intern is leaving us, so to commemorate the moment we're doing a little retrospective. Important people in Isaiah's life, including his brother, therapist, and high school gym teacher, join us in studio to re-count some of their best times together. Things weren't always what they seemed to be, however.

5/29/17 A local high school student prank calls the show and makes Zach looks like a fool. The teacher then decides to discipline him on air. Plus, an update from our buddy Gritz (whom is still walking to Washington DC. and MORE!

5/22/17 Comments, questions, problems and concerns, Hot Dirt is answering them all! Zach and the gang are dishing out advice to any dilema, no matter how big. A call from JimBob about being in love with his step-mom, Alex Jones and his commercial issues, plus much more. Super fun show this week, and the 2nd of our quarterly advice episodes.

5/15/17 After spending his whole life without one, Keith finally decides he needs to find himself a mom. John , "The Milf Hunter", joins us in studio to give some advice on how to do so. Plus a call from Rhonda/Rodney , who posted a 'Woman Seeking Male' Craigslist ad, and more!

5/8/17 Hot Dirt goes EXTREME! Extreme sports masters, Joe and Dave Green, are in the studio to discuss their new book, "The Extreme Dream". In addition, Dave gives 8 scathing insults you can yell to people at the skatepark. Plus an amazing phone call with Phil Pole about his sport of choice, a free ad read for Skateboards for Moms, and a ton more!

5/1/17 Hot Dirt Show turns into the Hot Dirt (game) Show for a week, as it's Eric & Heather vs. Audrey & Donnie! The winner get's a two night stay in North Bank Trump Towers. The loser? A one way ticket to HOT DIRT HELL! Plus, we get an update from Gritz, who had a bad run in with some wild mushrooms.

4/24/17 Friend of the show, Gritz, calls in to talk about his walk from Syracuse to Washington DC. New Jersey scumbag, Greg Huzinec, owes someone $3015 and tells us why. In addition, Rick Bettingfield from NatureCity is in studio to talk about his store and give some tips on how to maximize your fun this camping season. Plus we crown a new intern!

4/17/17 The confessional booth was open this past week as Pastor Carpit of St. iGod church stopped by to forgive some sins! A sinning man shares a heartbreaking story about murdering a bird named Rob. Plus an awesome ad read for new book, "How to Sin (and Get Away with It)", Kyle confessing a ton of sins, and MUCH MORE.

4/10/17 Power goes out and all hell breaks loose! Eric is deathly afraid of the dark, so Zach gets on the horn and tries to get the lights back on. To help, a man who is 'OFF THE GRID', rushes into the studio to keep the guys calm and give tips on how to make the best of their situation. Plus a call to National Grid, head of maintenance Electro Tony, and...more!

4/3/17 Taking an offer to become the new Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan experience, Zach quits the show and leaves the guys stranded without a host. Keith steps in to save the day, but instead causes everything to go to hell. Former radio personality, Sunnyside Stan pops in to help, as well as a nefarious North Bank grandma.

3/27/17 After a successful 10 weeks of doing the show, the guys are given the task of coming up with a new healthcare plan for the station. However with little knowledge of anything at all, they decide to take a more unconventional route. To help the cause, they field a call from a different show to see what advice they may have. In addition, Dr. Bob comes into the studio to give Keith a physical live on air, plus the first installment of Tawny's Brain Bits, and more!

3/20/17 Get ready to party, Spring is here! Italian Tyler gives his 6 tips for a successful spring break. Temp intern, Stephanie, calls in live from Cancun to give a party report. Plus a story from Eric and Zach about a trip to Puerto Rico, a call from a toothpaste capper, and more!

3/13/17 Grab a cup of coffee because it's a special morning edition of the Hot Dirt Show! Great in-studio interview with North Bank radio legend, Sunny Side Stan. A live, detailed traffic report from PacMan, our eyes in the sky. Plus, we crown the first workforce employee of the day! That, two deaths live on air...and more!

3/7/17 Rants! Raves! Rasslin! Keith and Zach talk about wrestling for a moment until a caller cuts it off to remind them it's fake. A local movie theatre gets a scathing review, which leads to it's manager calling in to make ammends. Plus, an ad read for the North Bank Super Mega Cineplex 5, and the first Dr. English voicemail!

2/27/17 Tensions are high! Eric and Zach are at eachothers throats about not only who holds the show together more, but who is the better host. An offer is made to allow Eric to potentially take over as head honcho. Plus, a FREE AD READ for Dr. Plopper's Pecker Poppers...and more!

2/20/17 Where we're going, we don't need Keith! Actually we do, because Keith is back from the future and telling us all about it! Most importantly, SHAQ is vice president, but where does the Hot Dirt Show stand in 20 years? Is North Bank the same? Keith has the answers! Or does he? Something seems fishy here... 

In addition we talk to Gaston Castle, the owner of the Future Imporium, and man responsible for putting Keith forward in time.

2/13/17 The Hot Dirt Show gets sensual on this special Valentine's episode! The Maestro of Love joins us to give relationship and love advice to both callers and an in-studio guest. However, things turn south quick when the REAL Maestro of Love shows up, claiming that he's the real deal. Who do we believe? Who do we love? Who knows!

2/6/17 It's the 2017 StuporBowl! Three stupors, three people, one winner. The StuporBowl is a yearly competition to determine who is indeed the most wasted person in North Bank. Alcohol, weed, and cocaine. Who's going to take home the gold? All of this plus a free ad read for Grandma Goomy's White Lightining, a cocaine brand started by a grandma in her own kitchen

1/30/17 First full call in show! The gang gets together and takes calls from some local disgruntled citizens, hoping to help them out and solve whatever problems they have. Some can't scratch their backs, others are sad about a closed jam stand. However severe the problem though, The Hot Dirt Show is here to help and get you back on the right track. 

1/23/17 The Hot Dirt Show gets political! Don Lump and his advisor, Chaz Brickstein, join us in studio to discuss Lump's intention to run in the 2017 North Bank election. Lump gives us his 7 keys to success and does a free ad read for CRUSH IT! 

1/16/17 Why pay for labor these days? Three promising intern candidates join us in studio to prove their worth and tell us why they deserve to work for free. Former employee Fletch Smiley gives the show a call to tell us about how Bob Dylan is a vape head. Ad reads for CornPornCorp, Shlong tha Killa, and some guys mom.